Spesial B malt 300 EBC Castle Malting 1 kg

Artikkelnr.: 1004

CHÂTEAU SPECIAL B Wort color: 300 EBC/ 113.7 Lovibond Castle Malting Dette er en ekstra mørk karamellmalt. Den gir mer maltaroma og farge i forhold til vanlig mørk karamellmalt. Gir også hint av ristede nøtter, tørkede frukter og mørk karamell.

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Very special Belgian dark malt, obtained through specific double roasting process.
Is used to produce a deep red to dark brown-black colour and fuller body. Unique flavour and aroma. Gives much colour and raisin-like flavour. Imparts a rich malty taste and a hint of nut and plum flavour. May substitute Chocolate and Black malt if bitterness is not desired.
Abbey ales, dubbels, porters, brown ales, doppelbocks. Up to 10% of the mix.
Storage and Shelf life
Malt should be stored in a clean, cool (< 22 °C) and dry (< 35 RH %) area. If these conditions are observed, we recommend to use all whole kernel products within 18 - 24 months from the date of manufacture and all milled products within 3 months.

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