Spelt malt 3-7 EBC 1 kg

Spelt malt 3-7 EBC Tillegg for kverning per kg 4kr

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Parameter Unit Min Max
Moisture %   6.0
Extract (dry basis) % 79.5  
Wort color EBC(Lov.) 3 (1.7) 7 (3.2)
Total protein % 11.0 17.0
Château Spelt is a pale, well-modified type of malt. Made from a hard-grained species of wheat (heirloom wheat), it has a higher protein level when compared to other wheat malts.
Château Spelt malt imparts a sweet nutty flavor, adds a spicy aroma and an earthy character to your beer. Great for Belgian Saison and Wheat beer styles.
Belgian saison, wheat beers, special beers. Up to 15% of the mix.

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